ASAP Process

Learn A Little About ASAP 4 Step Process


Businesses, Organizational Leaders, Concerned Citizens and Alumni working together to fund, sponsor and provide leadership to each Assembly Project


A professional quality school assembly that utilizes a proven speaker or group with an entertainment component like bands, videos, illusionist, etc.  We promise to be, if not the best, one of the best assemblies ever done in each school we serve.


Invitation to all students to a ‘come-back’ evening program which includes the Speaker/ Group and an Entertainment element with an uplifting and encouraging message.


Providing access to various mentoring programs that help students with character, positivity and development of proper mindsets to overcome adversity and dire circumstances.

Help Us Make An Impact

Contact us today and learn how you can partner with us to setup an assembly at your local school. We can start saving teens that are going down a dark path and just need the proper education to see what’s happening.