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When the Music Stops is a high energy program that encourages students to actively pursue dreams that will positively impact the world around them. When the Music Stops is a perfect program for the topics of bullying, suicide, and drug use!

The message of WMS is divided into 3 sections – each addressing an issue that has the potential to block a student in the pursuit of their dreams. These issues include: 1) Death by Selfie (Apathy); 2) Death by Seclusion (Fear & Loneliness); and 3) Death by Silence (Inner Brokenness – pain that cripples in the pursuit of a dream). Death by Silence is highlighted in WMS and is discussed through the real stories of When the Music Stops cast members. Students will be challenged and encouraged as they hear the stories of others who have gone before them – individuals who have shared similar experiences and feelings and are now coming back to relay a message of hope. Through candid videos and passionate speaking, students will learn that they are not alone in their pain, there is hope for them, and their personal victories can give hope to others.

Program Topics: bullying, suicide, eating disorders, low self image, family trauma, sexual violence, depression, and drug use.